Two sides.

One war.



A day of non-violent struggle againts the laws that create borders that are killing, persecuting and humilliating the impoverished. This laws are inmoral and criminal.

A day of dialogue at the borders of Europe, United States, on the beaches, squares, at the doors of the responsible institutions, at the airports, bus and train stations…

How to do that?

In this folder you will find some experiences to copy or inspire yourself to create other actions.



We are witnessing a worldwide WAR of the rich against the poor. This war has many consequences: hunger in a squandering world, wars caused by economic interests, slavery that affects millions of children, easily curable diseases that kill, lucrative business at the expense of prostituting people …

The consequences are brutal for millions of people and none of us can fully understand the appalling suffering of this silent war that causes more deaths than World War II.

One of these consequences is the FORCED MIGRATION of millions of people each year all over the world. It is added a new suffering, because the conditions of this movements are often inhumane: overcrowding in refugee camps, hunger and thirst, robbery, extortion, rape, murder, death … And to top it off, there are still borders and laws of rich countries that violate the most elementary sense of justice.

Consciousness of humanity cannot accept that there are human beings illegal, slaves, considered good or killed with impunity. But it happens every day, in a planned, organized and conscious way.

Facing this reality, the Platform A desalambrar wants to continue their denounce:

NO  to anti-migrant laws approved in different countries and in the European Union that limit human rights. They represent, in fact, the creation of second cathegory of  people if no their death.

– NO to FRONTEX (European Agency for the Control of Borders), the armed wing of the European Union intended to implement the dirty work on the repression of migrants at the borders. The Agency intercepts boats trying to reach Europe’s southern border, assists in the repatriation of immigrants expelled, sign agreements with third countries to outsource the borders …

– NO  to Closed Detention Centers that criminalize the impoverished people and attack human dignity.

– NO to the complicit silence of society about this reality.

The countries enriched with their businesses in impoverished countries, at all costs want to become a fortress. To this effect, they trace killer borders, some visible and invisible others, but all of them criminal. They also protect the laws established at the local, regional, national and international level by the political parties with parliamentary representation, laws that suppose the death of thousands of innocent people. History is already judging us for our passivity againts this injustices. How will be treated our own children when they will be condemned to emigrate? What will say our grandchildren about the world we will leave them?

That’s why we committ ourselves to open a dialogue with the society about the responsibility that we are having in this war. WE ARE PUPPETS concerned with the welfare and the enrichment of some Europeans. We are loosing our dignity and becoming killers at low wages that are killing and puhing into misery millions of families every day. Let us never be turned into accomplices of any injustice. We can struggle together against the Fortress Europe, built up by the power and legitimated with our silence, to make us reflect on ourselves in order to become once more a Europe of solidarity. A Europe that a lot of people fighted, fight and will be fighting for.

We can’t be silent, We don’ t want to be silent, We must not be silent.

On August the 6nd 2016: Invisible Borders Action , TAKE PART IN IT!

History of the action

  • In July of 2009 a group of 5 people, members and friends of A desalambrar, began to implement this action on a beach in Murcia [Spain]. It was a test, and we saw that it worked. The action was over 100 crosses nailed in the sand with photos of migrants in memory of all who have died at the sea. An action in solidarity with those who we easily forget: the more than 20.000 people that have died in the last 15 years trying to cross the “Estrecho” [the Strait of Gibraltar] in search of a better life.
  • The following year we planned to go to more beaches, each A desalambrar friends were going to a beach, and so, in 2010 more than 60 people, organized in 8 groups and distributed in 8 Iberian coast beaches began, in a coordinated manner, the second action on the beaches.At 8 in the morning when there is still no bathers, we come to the beaches to nail crosses and initiate the action that ended at 8 pm.  

When the first bathers arrived at the beaches trying to get a good seat in front, they found an unexpected landscape: the beach had become a cemetery. It was hard to ignore, for once, that the same place that represents a space of rest and leisure, has led to the death to more than 20.000 people after a trip trying to escape from hunger and misery.

All groups put an information booth and had at least 3 people who spent 12 hours in dialogue with bathers, supported by leaflets and other materials for dialogue, as a puzzle book we had prepared this year expressly for the action.


  • In August 2011 we were at 12 beaches in the Canary Islands, Galicia and the Mediterranean coast.Throughout the process we were discovering experiences that are taking place in many parts of the world where they are living the same injustice, and our desire to join the cry of solidarity was growing.
  • In 2012 we returned to the beach, but this time was not only in Spain, but also in France, Poland and Croatia, in a total of 18 beaches. That year we also action in Madrid, but instead of putting crosses we made silhouettes of people on the ground, and phrases and testimony on the subject were written inside them. As every year, the dialogue experiences multiplied, from sand sculpture to human statues served to generate such dialogues.

  • In 2013, the following year, together with Tanquem els Cies in Barcelona, Cie’s No in Valencia and Los Ángeles de la Frontera in the United States, we started this action once again. Our work with these groups was very important to spread the cry of suffering of the empoverished on the beaches, squares and streets in a very hot day of human and hopeful dialogue.
  • Last year (2014), the action took place on 10 beaches in Spain, in cities like Warsaw (Poland), Madrid (Spain) and Brighton (UK) and on the border between Tijuana (México) and San Diego (US). Some 120 people took part in this action, and many more supported it with fasting, praying or just remebering it, like in the case of some people imprisoned in the prison of Monterroso (Spain). In this edition of the action we could count with the support of organizations like “Tanquem els Cies” and “Los Ángeles de la Frontera/ Border Angels”.

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We want for a day to make it impossible to look at the sea without seeing on the horizon to a continent, Africa, plundered, exploited, crushed by the logic of a system that generates laws that go against the poor, enabling us to kill them on wars planned by the interests of our multinational, to steal them, to force them out of their country risking their lives on a journey that Africans described as the worst trip anyone can imagine.

We don´t want to show solidarity only with our African brothers but also with those who are coming from many other countries. All of them are being affected by laws that persecute them once they reach Europe (by land, see and air)

Laws that allow us to benefit from them in the first world. Laws that generate aside unjust deaths through starvation, war, immigration, etc.., And on the other hand generate thousands of death people in life, those who live well, those who look the other way, as if the subject had nothing to do with our lives, stained with the blood of our brothers. We know that it´s happening not only in Europe, that´s why we are united in struggle with our brothers and sisters in México, U.S, Australia…

All years have concluded with the hope and responsibility to know that t is possible to end the current indifference surrounding this genocide.

We want to meet on the beaches, squares, at the doors of the responsible institutions, at the airports, bus and train stations…We invite the entire community to join this struggle that aims to raise our consciousness above unjust laws and shout together:

No laws against migrants!

We send a registration form to go knowing where we go to do this action in solidarity with immigrants. Fill it in and send it back to us.

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